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My East End, Part One (Version No.28)

Digby Washer

Actual size 1000cm X 60cm. This is part one of a longer 'Bayeux Tapestry' of Brick Lane.

The Black Photo

Zahra Mohamed

The Silhouewte

Spring reflections


At the beggining of spring, water from melted snow creats great reflecions during sunset.

’ Plain Truth’

Henna Begum

What can you see?

Past, Future

ana figueiredo

My Eastend is history to me.William Crooks,member Poplar Council 1901.His father lost arm in Docks.

Ruth Grimberg

Traditional Lamp of with royal flash lighting

Maheswary Anantharajah

Royal flash flashing on the tower of London

Bright shades of my east end

Roumina Begum

Bright colours painted on the wall reflecting on my east end

canary wharf

Benjamin Henaghan

this photo was taken in greenwich park looking towards canary wharf

Man at Work, Nature at Work

Nicole Martins de Oliveira

Many are the contradicting forces at play that shape the face of the East End.

Eastbound Service...

Behice Unal

The hectic lifestyle people have these days...

I'm waiting for you


I'm waiting for you

Canary Wharf

Roz Lynch

No More the Big Sails in the Wharfs, Quays and Docks

This was a road I knew, only now it looked different, as hushed and peaceful as a familiar friend asleep.

Lucia Shaw

Ridley Road After Hours


Anna-Marya Tompa

carrying blue bags from the market in bright sunshine

Cultured Market

Urmee Khatun

Workers and Customers Shopping.

Mattress: Time Suspended / April 2010

Kate Kotcheff

I visited the estate a few times to record changes to the urban landscape; so this image reflects the transitory nature of the estate while awaiting demolition.

Never Walk Alone


This shot was taken on a lunchtime walk looking into Canary Wharf from the bridge on Prestons Road

The Oldest Surviving Grand Music Hall In The World

Jo Bennett

Another of the East End's Hidden Gems

Dalston Junction

Melissa Herman

Construction worker, Dalston Junction 2009

Status Donkey

Jim E Riddle

Caught amidst a power struggle

Mile End Easter football club

Matthew Houlihan & Sunny Mammane


Joan Kelly

My nan moved from here in 1935. It's greatly changed since then.

The road to East End

Aklima Begum

Landscape of the buildings

Houses and Gasometer

Matthew Rowe

Houses and Gasometer

Only the soul taker knows...

Tahir Uddin

Heaven above, Hell below what could lurk around the corner? Could it be a prison or a dungeon?

Hackney Road Love Poem

James O'Leary

From the first time I came out of the tube hole at Bethnal Green, I fell in love with Hackney.

the end is nigh for richmond house

keh hui ng

this is a shot of the former flowers east building and artist studios.


Cat Catalyst

Wired for Construction

Across the Water

Andy Wilkes

The thin divide between everyday life and the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Games site.

East End's Best Picture

Yusuf Saeed

Here is an old and a new building - this represents my East End

Out and about

Ida Pap

People passing along in a hurry without observing each other. East End in the background.

Wapping Pumping Station

Peter Keserue

Room in the Wapping pumping station.


Andrea Vail

Hackney Road Orchid

Laura Adams

Welcome to the Next Generation

Gillian Barker

Bobby Bubbles


Taliban man and woman

rajahan begum


Getting away from all the rest.

Rebecca Stacey

The Red Light District

Calina Zadravetz

The East End doesn't stop for red lights in its district.