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Magnificence of Nature

Farjana Begum

This shows people having fun and enjoying themselves, watching and feeding the birds.

East End Life in Reflections

Nooraini Mydin

Abstract Reflection of Buildings in Regent's Canal

Elroy & Nardo Bailey, MDMD Arts, Nightingale Estate, Hackney

Katherine Green

MDMD Arts, run by community workers Elroy & Nardo Bailey, creates opportunities for young people

Man at Work, Nature at Work

Nicole Martins de Oliveira

Many are the contradicting forces at play that shape the face of the East End.

The Oldest Surviving Grand Music Hall In The World

Jo Bennett

Another of the East End's Hidden Gems

The old modern times

Tamanna Ahmed

This picture shows old buildings and modern buildings and much they have changed through the years.

Spitalfields Farm's Chickens

Arman Shah

These hens look like twin sisters. They are sitting very nicely.

the abundance

Deeqa Hassan

Plentiful, focused and fast


Nancy Roberts

An autumn afternoon, a man waits to sell the last few trinkets from his collection.

Nice Rice.

Angela Federico

There is always something new on the walk down the canal.

Money don’t grow on trees-shoes do

Mazeeda Khatun

Tree with shoes hanging. Artistic and whacky vibe of Brick Lane radiates from it.


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

Chrisp Street

Gillian Vaux

Chrisp Street market was the first pedestrian shopping area in the UK


Emli Bendixen
camilla broadbent

Drinking tea with friends is my best East End.

Mile End Easter football club

Sofian Mounissi & Idriss Chantouf

Door to somewhere

hannah greene

Dawn on Hackney Marshes and 2012 Olympic Site

Wayne Minter

Dawn over Hackney Marshes and the 2012 Olympic site. Spiritual home of London football, where Bobby


Joe Bland

What is this hooded boys intentions? Murder? Robbery? Vandalism? That's what the media would have you think. Maybe, just maybe, he is waiting for his bus on a cold day.


Vaughan Pilikian

joi bangla banned

ansar ahmed ullah

A kid and the policeman

Julien Fron

A kid and the policeman

Columbia Rd Cat on a Car

Mia Barbe-Willson

This cat thinks he can rule the world while the rest of us rush about talking on mobiles!

Mentmore Terrace

Zaira Araguete

The Eastend means energy, activity and inspiring places full of possibilities.

Gap in the Fence

Bobby Miah

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

John Wright Cable St Elders

Sarah Ainslie

John the host at Cable St Elders Club

Pot Of Gold

Full Moon

Am sure there building the mothership?

Tristan Appleby

Two Dogs

Harry Davis

mother and son

jaclyn mak

The Red Light District

Calina Zadravetz

The East End doesn't stop for red lights in its district.

The right to smile

Patrizia Gargiulo

Past, Future

ana figueiredo

My Eastend is history to me.William Crooks,member Poplar Council 1901.His father lost arm in Docks.

brick lane

filippo mutani

brick lane, london 2009

Canary Wharf

Jeanette Sharma

Canary Wharf

Milenium mills


Built in 1905,now derelict this photo sums up the feel of the once vibrant area

Brick Lane

Eva Bachmann

I love the surreal feel of this market - you'll find (almost) anything..

'Once upon a time in Hackney'

Laura Ghany

My east London is a place of magic; the perfect place for an urban fairytale.

A Simpler Time

Michael Vachon

A stroll along Columbia Road on a Sunday afternoon. Post-Processing by Jason Foo.