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Simplicity, beauty and calmness

Maninder Pal Singh

This photograph depicts the beauty of the place in terms of water, hill and greenery

Mentmore Terrace

Zaira Araguete

The Eastend means energy, activity and inspiring places full of possibilities.

Cafe 1001

Jenny Rampling


Joan Parrott

My East End is a place of different nationalities. There is a lot of love here from true East Enders

Regenerating Barking & Dagenham

Iris Donovan

Barking’s Learning Centre is the 3rd generation of the town’s library which I have seen in my lifeti

go-east dancers

Valentina Abenavoli

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

Full Contact Stick Fighting, Beckton

Agnieszka Luczak

'Once upon a time in Hackney'

Laura Ghany

My east London is a place of magic; the perfect place for an urban fairytale.


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

Elroy & Nardo Bailey, MDMD Arts, Nightingale Estate, Hackney

Katherine Green

MDMD Arts, run by community workers Elroy & Nardo Bailey, creates opportunities for young people

Trip This Way

Shuheda & Nazia Begum

Sign & St Georges Park

Meeting Point

Takeo Broadhurst

What is going on here?


Anna-Marya Tompa

carrying blue bags from the market in bright sunshine

The Light And Dark

Megan Newman

The good and bad side of London, the light and dark the good and bad: today’s London.

shoreditch station

Saem LEE

Mechanic, Bethnal Green

Gerald Amaefuna

London Fields Lido

Nicholas Ward

This photo was taken at 5:30 in the morning with the pools own illumination

Mile End Easter football club

Matthew Houlihan & Sunny Mammane


Polly Tootal
Scott Arlain

The Emporium

Steffi Tzaferi

Sometimes a bit rough around the edges, there's an understated elegance about the east end.

The Shadwell Overground

Ridwana Kamali

This is my nearby new station, due to open on April.

Mile End Easter football club

Andrew Hernandez & Brandon Franco

Looking Good

Donna Pinto

Looking Good

I'm here so are you!!!


Brick Lane

Eva Bachmann

I love the surreal feel of this market - you'll find (almost) anything..

Working Nights

Bella Fenning

Pretty girls pulling pints to pull in the punters is commonplace but they often remain anonymous

Linessa Ollivierre-Wicks

I wanted to give a positive feel in my photos. For me the glass is half full.

Market Style!

Sumaiya Khanom

Contemporary East End

let's dance

Parmjit Singh

dancing at a festival is great

East End: Coolness and decadence.


Picture taken at Broadway Mkt, where you can find the typical east end mix: coolness and decadence.

Status Donkey

Jim E Riddle

Caught amidst a power struggle

Behind The Brewery


Taken just a few moments from the Hustle and Bustle of Brick Lane

Tea cup

Lillian Leonard




A kid and the policeman

Julien Fron

A kid and the policeman

Omar F Okai

Roman Road at Twighlight

Andrew wyatt

Roman Road in Twighlight

Life style

Victoria Kovalenko

Art, freedom and youth. It's all about east London.