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Mile End Easter football club

Aedan Straughan & Owen McDonnell

Aman's City Farm

Aman Uddin

This is me at my favourite place, Spitalfields City Farm, in the East End of London

Kinder Street


This picture demonstrates the diversity of East London

walking home

Ginny Hawke

5 mins from my house I love walking home from asda

Simplicity, beauty and calmness

Maninder Pal Singh

This photograph depicts the beauty of the place in terms of water, hill and greenery

London Fields Snow Cricket

Dominic Thompson-Talbot

I think this image sums up the mischievous character of the Hackney residents brilliantly.

Bicycle Market


If something represents East London is bikes,leading to the most popular second hand bikes market

Meat Trolley

Agnese Sanvito

Butcher with a meat trolley in Ridley Road Market, Dalston

Sunday Heaven

Lucy Preston

My favourite place in the world: Columbia Rd on a Sunday

Spring Sunday

Elizabeth Taylor

Who needs the seaside when you've got E8?

Mile End Easter football club

Matthew Houlihan & Sunny Mammane

Graffiti in progress

Rafael Bilski

for me East End is a capitol of London (or British) graffiti ...

The Black Photo

Zahra Mohamed

The Silhouewte

llamas in the city

Leon Russell

5 mins from my house I love walking to the farm

East End Life in Reflections

Nooraini Mydin

Abstract Reflection of Buildings in Regent's Canal


Wanda Hu

East End Wall

Yasmin Begum

War on East End wall

Working Nights

Bella Fenning

Pretty girls pulling pints to pull in the punters is commonplace but they often remain anonymous

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

Houses and Gasometer

Matthew Rowe

Houses and Gasometer

St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Alexander Williamson

The historic heart of Shoreditch


Henry Mackay-Bull

The Battle of Cable Street

Cyril Farby

I was 4or 5 during the Battle of Cable St. As a Jewish boy, I was scared. This mural brings back horrific memories.


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

canary wharf

Benjamin Henaghan

this photo was taken in greenwich park looking towards canary wharf

Market Style!

Sumaiya Khanom

Contemporary East End

’ Plain Truth’

Henna Begum

What can you see?

Yilmaz the tailor

Leyla Guler

Mechanic, Bethnal Green

Gerald Amaefuna

The Corner of a Year

Soren Bonke

The first snow of the year. The first snow of Lenny's life. Exciting for us, a revolution for him

A kid and the policeman

Julien Fron

A kid and the policeman

Meeting Point

Takeo Broadhurst

What is going on here?

Laundrette E5

Nefise Hussein

This is 'The Red Devil's' football team, who I came across outside a laundrette in Hackney.


Glenn Day

I like the way the city is encroaching on the farm.

Do we want to see any of this in East London? Lets make a change and work as a community and make a difference

Hamim Choudhury

Only the soul taker knows...

Tahir Uddin

Heaven above, Hell below what could lurk around the corner? Could it be a prison or a dungeon?

London Fields Lido

Nicholas Ward

This photo was taken at 5:30 in the morning with the pools own illumination

London looks fine

Abdi Shireh

awkward and creepy but London looks fine safe and nice that’s the reason it shines

Brick Lane

Eva Bachmann

I love the surreal feel of this market - you'll find (almost) anything..

Kray family funeral in Bethnal Green

paul roundhill

Reggie Kray and wife Pamella are the focus of attention at Charles Kray's funeralhe funeral of