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Kate Hardy

from a day on the river

Mother Nature Bringing People Together

Ivy Myers

Celebrate our similarities and differences!

CIty Radio Cars


To me east london means the preservation and ever changing state of architecture

Getting away from all the rest.

Rebecca Stacey


Louis Modell

From pads and bolts to keys and locks, from peep holes to security cameras. from saws and feet to picks and breach charges. This is London.

The Heron

Grant McCallum


kelly jones

The Renowned DJ who has regular slots at VIBE BAR,THE BIG CHILL & CARGO waiting for his salt beef

tilted building


tilted building

Taliban man and woman

rajahan begum


Status Donkey

Jim E Riddle

Caught amidst a power struggle

East End Dreams

George de Jasay

The woman, the child, the bird, and the street


James St Claire

My East End


Sylvia Welsh

Do we want to see any of this in East London? Lets make a change and work as a community and make a difference

Hamim Choudhury

Roof with a View

Marysia Lachowicz

The changing world of the East End

The Red Light District

Calina Zadravetz

The East End doesn't stop for red lights in its district.

Hackney Dip

mick terry

a february morning hangover cure

Cloud Station

Sahide Sanin

I am interested in photographing urban social spaces to offer interpretations of everyday life.


richard king

Coot in a Nest

Sidonie Davis

Beanie and the Whale

Abdul Qaium

A view of my East End

Abida Khanom

A view of the urban city as it prepares to sleep..

No entry!

Nabila Bakar

The colours welcoming, the building is mysterious.


Ana Catarino


Mile End Easter football club

Christopher Houlihan & Lewin Daly

Who are you?

Giacomo Vitali

Walking around eastend at night I saw these guys staring at those stunning black eyes.


Polly Tootal

Hackney Road Love Poem

James O'Leary

From the first time I came out of the tube hole at Bethnal Green, I fell in love with Hackney.


tool hire

frank otto

only in the east end there is no need for a creative team to come up with a genius shopwindow

A View Through The Tree's

Emma Triggs

The ever changing view of East London

Memorial to Etem Celebi , shot on 16.11.07

Elzbieta Franklyn

From the series

Changing direction

Haleemah Akhtar

A one way road.

77 seconds / years


This 77seconds long exposure image shows how this place has changed since the great fire 77years ago

Mile End Easter football club

Brandon Franco & Andrew Hernandez

My favorite place... Backyard Market

Kumiko Broadhurst

Tru('man') to my roots, this market as many others is my Eastend.

Clifton Thompson

I like this area; I like the warm East End girls. I’ve been living here for 20 years.

'in a world of her own'

Audrey Reinstein

'anywhere but here'

Spray painting!

Molly Andrews

I asked him who was he was painting and he said a musician called Jimmy

From the series: Unrelated House Mates

Henry Mulhall

3 people from 3 very different backgrounds, living together in the East.