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Man selling sausages

Karin Forshell

A not so service minded man selling sausages - still the queue was so long!


James St Claire

My East End

’ Plain Truth’

Henna Begum

What can you see?

77 seconds / years


This 77seconds long exposure image shows how this place has changed since the great fire 77years ago

Milenium mills


Built in 1905,now derelict this photo sums up the feel of the once vibrant area

Past, Future

ana figueiredo

My Eastend is history to me.William Crooks,member Poplar Council 1901.His father lost arm in Docks.

Cross Through the Window

Jenny Eames

I got this new flat. I saw the big cross on the school opposite. It was an answer to my prayers.

Simplicity, beauty and calmness

Maninder Pal Singh

This photograph depicts the beauty of the place in terms of water, hill and greenery

Trip This Way

Shuheda & Nazia Begum

Sign & St Georges Park

My East End

Judith Burrows

before the storm


Tommy Robinson

Man baby

Damola Timeyin

Everyone needs a bit of TLC

Blessing the sun

Olivia Harris

Hassidic jews blessing the sun at dawn in Clissold Park


Sarah Caldwell

Out: but I'd rather come in


Henry Mackay-Bull

Arch and Sky - Christ Church

Gianni Giovanni Camusso

East London

victoria dawe

The roof tops of eat london

Mitchell Davis

Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

Yellow Queen

Ghiasi Samin Valentine


Pembury Estate

Ingrid Abraham

A distinctive style of council housing which is slowly becoming extinct

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.

Hammering down

Inge Clemente

Another spontaneous and unexpected scene in Hackney...

Anything Goes

Natalie Clarke

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's CanalMan! The coolest way to get around the East End.


Beatriz Penedo Ruzo

This image for me represent interaction and integration between the communities of the eastend


Al Lapkovsky

from personal project

‘a very talented teenager, yet to be discovered’

Mashudah Farzana

'If people saw the creative side to these teenagers, then there views may change’.


Peter Ward

The monument of a prosperous past and a stylish present !

Pot Of Gold

Full Moon

Am sure there building the mothership?


Rosie Ellis

My East End is observing and learning from different cultures. A level project/ New Britain


Shurid Haque

Because Spitalfields City Farm is part of my East End life

Go Green

Anna Galanou

Two girls enjoy each other's company after school in the blossomed park

canary wharf

Benjamin Henaghan

this photo was taken in greenwich park looking towards canary wharf


Mike Askew

I love these murals and the shopper happening to pass by fits perfectly.

A walk in the park

cinthia oram

Nature in all its glory, Love it!

Full of Ideas

Ronia Begum

Idea store on Whitechapel road

Ketamine Kids

Dougie Wallace

The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Title is my reference to the clouthes they ware.

20 years on the Docks

Vince Felice

I worked on the locks at the docks for 20 yrs. I left in 1971. It was the best job I ever had.

The east-end country side

jordan clarke

A little bit of the country side in hackney


Phillipe Mattocks

Second hand chairs getting ready to dance on stage. The stage is falling into disrepair and the fireplace is ancient but it looks glamorous. Near the door is the finest furniture cleaner so they look dazzling.