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The Alleyway

Sabiha Azad

Contrast of modern and old in the East end

Getting away from all the rest.

Rebecca Stacey

Memorial to Etem Celebi , shot on 16.11.07

Elzbieta Franklyn

From the series

lots of me


its chong

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

old meets new

Leonardo Vitali

That chair is going to be taken from one of those three young boys one day

One Lane for All

Simon Browne

Music, Street Art, Religion & Culture, Poverty & Affluence – Brick lane is My East End.

tilted building


tilted building

Old and new

Nicholas Besley

The hustle, bustle and pure colour of Petticoat Lane Market, with the Gherkin in the background

Cloud Station

Sahide Sanin

I am interested in photographing urban social spaces to offer interpretations of everyday life.

Leyton Parish Church

Gillian Lawrence

Old Leyton

wheel without bike



Morris Dorfer

Rolleiflex Photography - Hand Made – 120 film (6 x6) Darkroom at ART HUB

Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

Doorbell outside a trendy shop on Brick Lane. 2009

Billy Macrae

Doorbell outside a trendy shop on Brick Lane, East London. December 2009

Sunday Market

Duncan Stevens

Empty market stalls on a Sunday morning

Old and new reality.

Shahraz Islam

The connection between the old and new reality.

Where's the birdy?

Jacky McDonnell

Watching You, Watching them...

Walking The Dog

Liam Scully

I took advantage of a London snow drift to capture a painterly quality of the everyday.

Tea cup

Lillian Leonard

Police shutting down young people's music event

Kristian Sakulku

Some believe young people are useless, but they put on great events that bring many together


Tim Topple

A different view of one of the many markets that typify my east end.


Henry Mackay-Bull


Cindy Babin

This image is my east London; this picture was taken in a corner in my bedroom. I really like the colours that are shown and the contrast between the two walls. And question why the chair and objects are there…

My way

James Guppy

Collapsing tones by the tow path...

ghost signs

ann leybourne

this is just one of the few ghost signs that can still be seen in the eastend

East End Wall

Yasmin Begum

War on East End wall

London Fields Snow Cricket

Dominic Thompson-Talbot

I think this image sums up the mischievous character of the Hackney residents brilliantly.

Changing direction

Haleemah Akhtar

A one way road.

mayfield house laundry

george attard

repair reopen reuse

The clocks ticking, what will you do?

Farjana Rahman

Outside store selling clocks and writing on a bus stop


Barry Gendler

I've lived near Columbia Rd. for 39 years. My daughter was 11 when we moved here, now she's 50.


Tommy Robinson

Waiting in Dalston

Fabio Coruzzi

I am on board of the bus 38, at the traffic light in Dalston, at the crossroad between Graham Road a

This was a road I knew, only now it looked different, as hushed and peaceful as a familiar friend asleep.

Lucia Shaw

Ridley Road After Hours

A Room of One's own

Logan de Monchaux-Irons

I spotted this sunken narrow boat when out walking up the River Lea

Aman's City Farm

Aman Uddin

This is me at my favourite place, Spitalfields City Farm, in the East End of London

Pembury Estate

Ingrid Abraham

A distinctive style of council housing which is slowly becoming extinct

Dance Studio

Paula Lobo

Ballet dancer Temple Kemesis in New York.


Joe Hassan

These images are on my wall, behind where I sit. I’ve always lived in the Poplar area.