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Anything Goes

Natalie Clarke

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's CanalMan! The coolest way to get around the East End.

Mattress: Time Suspended / April 2010

Kate Kotcheff

I visited the estate a few times to record changes to the urban landscape; so this image reflects the transitory nature of the estate while awaiting demolition.

the Busker down the Lane

Christopher Jarrett

2 people with 2 different lives. Thats what makes the Eastend unique


Rosie Ellis

My East End is observing and learning from different cultures. A level project/ New Britain

A day at the market

Dan Quigan

Kray family funeral in Bethnal Green

paul roundhill

Reggie Kray and wife Pamella are the focus of attention at Charles Kray's funeralhe funeral of

East Thames Vista on a Misty Day

Peter Kyte

The Greenwich foreshore is a palimpsest of London history with wonderful views across the Thames

Nabil Nawaz

In Contrast

Richard Gough

A women heads home from the local supermarket in Hackney East London. Her head is facing down, perha

Two Dogs

Harry Davis

Shop Front

Abigail Olajide

Most of the East end shops are newly built but this shop looked very old and it proved to me that this shop has definitely been in the East end for a very long time.

Bicycle Market


If something represents East London is bikes,leading to the most popular second hand bikes market

A View Through The Tree's

Emma Triggs

The ever changing view of East London


alexander Omarsson

Mile End Easter football club

Andrew Hernandez & Brandon Franco

Mile End Easter football club

Sofian Mounissi & Idriss Chantouf

Do we want to see any of this in East London? Lets make a change and work as a community and make a difference

Hamim Choudhury

Mile End Easter football club

Quentin Monuille & Tyreke Monuille

Meat Trolley

Agnese Sanvito

Butcher with a meat trolley in Ridley Road Market, Dalston

Bright Lights Big City

michelle de vriues

A contrasting view of the East end regeneration


Kumiko Broadhurst

All aboard, this ship sails to Silver Town!


Natalie Coughtrie

Mabley Street represents a piece of my life. I have many memories, good and bad, whilst growing up there. I wanted to capture how important this Street is to me in one shot.

Go Green

Anna Galanou

Two girls enjoy each other's company after school in the blossomed park


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

77 seconds / years


This 77seconds long exposure image shows how this place has changed since the great fire 77years ago

Hackney, 2009

Agnieszka Maksimik

Fashion student wearing a costume of her own design.

My East End

Judith Burrows

before the storm

I am one of you, now

Naa Teki Lebar

is part of a series exploring the body as a form of the city

The Battle of Cable St

Sayema Ahmed

Tells us about the history of the east end

The east-end country side

jordan clarke

A little bit of the country side in hackney

camilla broadbent

Drinking tea with friends is my best East End.

Eastend ladies: Mirror on the wall

Eunjung Lee

Andrea's Hair Salon, Vallance Road


Tommy Robinson


Joan Kelly

My nan moved from here in 1935. It's greatly changed since then.

Old Eastender Asleep

Nick White

I pass this this old dude regularly and he's always asleep!

St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Alexander Williamson

The historic heart of Shoreditch

Cotall Street

Gordon Joly

Urban renewal at the side of the Limehouse Cut.

Dance Studio

Paula Lobo

Ballet dancer Temple Kemesis in New York.

old meets new

Leonardo Vitali

That chair is going to be taken from one of those three young boys one day

Canary Wharf

Roz Lynch

No More the Big Sails in the Wharfs, Quays and Docks