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let's dance

Parmjit Singh

dancing at a festival is great

The Emporium

Steffi Tzaferi

Sometimes a bit rough around the edges, there's an understated elegance about the east end.

The Old Toy Factory

Alexander Moss

The long-abandoned Matchbox toy factory has been torn down to make way for flats.


Emli Bendixen


Tommy Robinson

Mile End Easter football club

Sunny Mammane & Matthew Houlihan




Christmas and a packet of crisps

John Matthews

Eastend ladies: Mirror on the wall

Eunjung Lee

Andrea's Hair Salon, Vallance Road

My 'Eastend'

Rumana Begum

The East End 'was' a busy place

Sunday Heaven

Lucy Preston

My favourite place in the world: Columbia Rd on a Sunday

'Barmy' Park

Shahel Ahmed

John Wright Cable St Elders

Sarah Ainslie

John the host at Cable St Elders Club

Life style

Victoria Kovalenko

Art, freedom and youth. It's all about east London.

Mothers Of Rapture

Jeffrey Yaron Pandurski

shoreditch station

Saem LEE

Looking Good

Donna Pinto

Looking Good

Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

East Thames Vista on a Misty Day

Peter Kyte

The Greenwich foreshore is a palimpsest of London history with wonderful views across the Thames

Clifton Thompson

I like this area; I like the warm East End girls. I’ve been living here for 20 years.

Waiting in Dalston

Fabio Coruzzi

I am on board of the bus 38, at the traffic light in Dalston, at the crossroad between Graham Road a

The Heron

Grant McCallum


Louis Modell

From pads and bolts to keys and locks, from peep holes to security cameras. from saws and feet to picks and breach charges. This is London.

the end is nigh for richmond house

keh hui ng

this is a shot of the former flowers east building and artist studios.

The Gherkin, Sunday market on Cygnet St.

Kalev Erickson

Brick Lane Market Seller

natasha quarmby

come on ladies and gents

Lynmouth Road

Rocco Sgro

Work in progress

Live East, Die Young.

Vivienne Forte

Graffiti is part of Hackney.This particular piece sums up a lot for me.Even the bottle in the corner

London looks fine

Abdi Shireh

awkward and creepy but London looks fine safe and nice that’s the reason it shines

Elroy & Nardo Bailey, MDMD Arts, Nightingale Estate, Hackney

Katherine Green

MDMD Arts, run by community workers Elroy & Nardo Bailey, creates opportunities for young people

Working Nights

Bella Fenning

Pretty girls pulling pints to pull in the punters is commonplace but they often remain anonymous

Police shutting down young people's music event

Kristian Sakulku

Some believe young people are useless, but they put on great events that bring many together

Mile End Easter football club

Christopher Houlihan & Lewin Daly

The Battle of Cable St

Sayema Ahmed

Tells us about the history of the east end

Street-slide: Keep moving

George Gergovacz

There is a small, slow change every day. The street that you have visited is not as same tomorrow.

Hanging Our Clothes

Habiba Khatun

Clothes on a washing line

East End's Best Picture

Yusuf Saeed

Here is an old and a new building - this represents my East End


Fajarna Khanom

Different facilities that are available in the East End

My East End

Judith Burrows

before the storm

llamas in the city

Leon Russell

5 mins from my house I love walking to the farm