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Mariecka Kajewski

Simplicity, just two elements; man & nature.The body is reclaimed by the earth.

Industrial Simplicity(/Terror Suspect)

Jules Mattsson

I was attracted to the symmetrical nature of this scene, but was almost arrested for taking it.

Pembury Estate

Ingrid Abraham

A distinctive style of council housing which is slowly becoming extinct

Taliban man and woman

rajahan begum



Carina Aldana-Johnson


Rosie Ellis

My East End is observing and learning from different cultures. A level project/ New Britain

East End: Coolness and decadence.


Picture taken at Broadway Mkt, where you can find the typical east end mix: coolness and decadence.

the Busker down the Lane

Christopher Jarrett

2 people with 2 different lives. Thats what makes the Eastend unique

joi bangla banned

ansar ahmed ullah

Dance Studio

Paula Lobo

Ballet dancer Temple Kemesis in New York.

Balfon Tower

Maureen Delenian

I like the light and dark in this photograph; I took it just after dawn.

Ruckholt Road

Angelica Robinson

I felt sadness and laughter when I strolled past this persons house in Ruckholt Road, Leyton

Dalston shop and Passage

Kim Dee

I liked the romantic wedding image coupled with the murky passage


Sarah Caldwell

Out: but I'd rather come in

go-east dancers

Valentina Abenavoli

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

Where's the birdy?

Jacky McDonnell

Watching You, Watching them...

The Bridge

Theodore Lamarch

Feel Free to Graffiti

Rifna Akthair

Graffiti Bus Stand





alexander Omarsson


Cat Catalyst

Wired for Construction

old meets new

Leonardo Vitali

That chair is going to be taken from one of those three young boys one day

In Contrast

Richard Gough

A women heads home from the local supermarket in Hackney East London. Her head is facing down, perha

The clocks ticking, what will you do?

Farjana Rahman

Outside store selling clocks and writing on a bus stop


Peter Ward

The monument of a prosperous past and a stylish present !

Brick Lane Market Seller

natasha quarmby

come on ladies and gents

Roofscape: Boundary

Philip Green

Shoreditch church spire and the turreted roof of Abingdon House, Boundary Estate, E2

Ilford 11.45

Hazel Durrant

By Shubona Begum aged 19 from Central Fdn Girls Sch for LL2020 Schools Photo Project

Bobby Bubbles


Decalcomania; Ghosts of Future Past

Marta Ovod

East Platinum


Manequin laced in Spitalfields

Blossoming Broadway Beauty

Gemma Lowe

My beautiful pregnant friend. For me, the East end has a colourful history and a blossoming future.

Life style

Victoria Kovalenko

Art, freedom and youth. It's all about east London.

Looking West

Suzanna Ivanic

The skyline changes slowly, but the skies change constantly

The Gateway to My East End...

Marian Spiers

When I see this iconic landmark, I know I'm nearly home and feel back on familiar ground...

Milenium mills


Built in 1905,now derelict this photo sums up the feel of the once vibrant area

Hackney Road Love Poem

James O'Leary

From the first time I came out of the tube hole at Bethnal Green, I fell in love with Hackney.

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.

John Wright Cable St Elders

Sarah Ainslie

John the host at Cable St Elders Club

Waiting in Dalston

Fabio Coruzzi

I am on board of the bus 38, at the traffic light in Dalston, at the crossroad between Graham Road a