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I'm waiting for you


I'm waiting for you

Traditional Lamp of with royal flash lighting

Maheswary Anantharajah

Royal flash flashing on the tower of London

John Wright Cable St Elders

Sarah Ainslie

John the host at Cable St Elders Club

Mile End Easter football club

Sofian Mounissi & Idriss Chantouf

Roof with a View

Marysia Lachowicz

The changing world of the East End

Old Sailor, Bricklane

Johny Pitts

This guy is always selling bits 'n bobs outside the amazing Salt Beef bagel store on Brick Lane!

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

Bethnal Green Road

Tom Kulbowski

My East End's complexity - various aspects of everyday life.

Sunday Heaven

Lucy Preston

My favourite place in the world: Columbia Rd on a Sunday

St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Alexander Williamson

The historic heart of Shoreditch

Leyton Parish Church

Gillian Lawrence

Old Leyton

Dalston Junction

Melissa Herman

Construction worker, Dalston Junction 2009

Warboy and Scottee. I Love This Song, Dalston

Alana Lake

I feel privileged to live in the East End. It's a creative nexus full of the weird and wonderful.

Bakers Dozen

Laurie Allen

Bakers Dozen

Mile End Easter football club

Fahad Miah & Ihsanur Rahman


Kate Hardy

from a day on the river

Simplicity, beauty and calmness

Maninder Pal Singh

This photograph depicts the beauty of the place in terms of water, hill and greenery


Cindy Babin

This image is my east London; this picture was taken in a corner in my bedroom. I really like the colours that are shown and the contrast between the two walls. And question why the chair and objects are there…

Man at Work, Nature at Work

Nicole Martins de Oliveira

Many are the contradicting forces at play that shape the face of the East End.

Eastend ladies: Mirror on the wall

Eunjung Lee

Andrea's Hair Salon, Vallance Road

From church to synagogue to mosque

Trevor Hollingsbee

A French Huguenot church, evolved by migration to a synagogue, then a mosque

Mile End Easter football club

Christopher Houlihan & Lewin Daly

The east-end country side

jordan clarke

A little bit of the country side in hackney

Who are you?

Giacomo Vitali

Walking around eastend at night I saw these guys staring at those stunning black eyes.


Susie Harrison

I thought it was a great combination of the flavour of Brick Lane: a city worker (or perhaps a jew, representing traces of the older community of the area), the street signs in English and Bengali, the modern architecture as the area becomes more developed

East End: Coolness and decadence.


Picture taken at Broadway Mkt, where you can find the typical east end mix: coolness and decadence.

A signpost

Halima Ali

Two different directions


Jyoti Sharma

Young East End swimmer at York Hall, Bethnal Green

Anything Goes

Natalie Clarke

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's CanalMan! The coolest way to get around the East End.

the end is nigh for richmond house

keh hui ng

this is a shot of the former flowers east building and artist studios.

Ruth Grimberg

Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

The future

daphne clarke

These are the future stars

‘a very talented teenager, yet to be discovered’

Mashudah Farzana

'If people saw the creative side to these teenagers, then there views may change’.

My East End, Part One (Version No.28)

Digby Washer

Actual size 1000cm X 60cm. This is part one of a longer 'Bayeux Tapestry' of Brick Lane.

In Contrast

Richard Gough

A women heads home from the local supermarket in Hackney East London. Her head is facing down, perha

Man selling sausages

Karin Forshell

A not so service minded man selling sausages - still the queue was so long!

Decalcomania; Ghosts of Future Past

Marta Ovod

Aman's City Farm

Aman Uddin

This is me at my favourite place, Spitalfields City Farm, in the East End of London

Invisible rider


Summer in the East