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Arnold Circus

christian Alegria

Sun on Arnold Circus

The Old Toy Factory

Alexander Moss

The long-abandoned Matchbox toy factory has been torn down to make way for flats.


richard king

Beauty of Brick Lane

Nazmeen Akhtar

Cityscape from my balcony: The Truman Brewery; cool graffiti and scaffolding

Valentine's Day at Columbia Road Flower Market

Carole Evans

...and this young man was buying his missus peacock feathers. Smart, quirky, original; the East End

Mile End Easter football club

Andrew Hernandez & Brandon Franco


Kara Watkins

I took this picture outside a house worth a tone of money, this was opp. Hence, diversity of E.Ldn.

London Fields Snow Cricket

Dominic Thompson-Talbot

I think this image sums up the mischievous character of the Hackney residents brilliantly.

Full of Ideas

Ronia Begum

Idea store on Whitechapel road

Sandy's Row Synagogue

Jeremy Freedman

The last remaining Synagogue in Spitalfields - founded by my Great Great Great Grandfather in 1854.

The Gherkin, Sunday market on Cygnet St.

Kalev Erickson

The future

daphne clarke

These are the future stars

Eastend ladies: Mirror on the wall

Eunjung Lee

Andrea's Hair Salon, Vallance Road


Cat Catalyst

Wired for Construction

Hackney, 2009

Agnieszka Maksimik

Fashion student wearing a costume of her own design.

Taste of London

Joynul Islam

I have a taste when I walk out of my door out into London; as I breathe through my nostrils, I smell the fresh air running down through my throat. London makes up my senses.

Jellied Eels

Micahel Jones

Ann and Kit enjoy their jellied eels at the Eid party.


Vaughan Pilikian

Cotall Street

Gordon Joly

Urban renewal at the side of the Limehouse Cut.


Sarah Caldwell

Out: but I'd rather come in

Houses and Gasometer

Matthew Rowe

Houses and Gasometer

Tea cup

Lillian Leonard

Doorbell outside a trendy shop on Brick Lane. 2009

Billy Macrae

Doorbell outside a trendy shop on Brick Lane, East London. December 2009

Walking The Dog

Liam Scully

I took advantage of a London snow drift to capture a painterly quality of the everyday.

The Battle of Cable Street

Cyril Farby

I was 4or 5 during the Battle of Cable St. As a Jewish boy, I was scared. This mural brings back horrific memories.

London Fields Lido

Nicholas Ward

This photo was taken at 5:30 in the morning with the pools own illumination

Old Sailor, Bricklane

Johny Pitts

This guy is always selling bits 'n bobs outside the amazing Salt Beef bagel store on Brick Lane!

Brick Lane Winter Sunday

Julian Walker

Even on a winter Sunday, Brick Lane still draws the crowds.

Gary Arber, printer

The Gentle Author

Gary would rather be flying a Lincoln Bomber

My favorite place... Backyard Market

Kumiko Broadhurst

Tru('man') to my roots, this market as many others is my Eastend.

Bricks and symbols

Filippo Ziveri

Far East bricks.

East End's Best Picture

Yusuf Saeed

Here is an old and a new building - this represents my East End

The old modern times

Tamanna Ahmed

This picture shows old buildings and modern buildings and much they have changed through the years.

My East End

Judith Burrows

before the storm

Gunthorpe St.


Brick Lane Market Seller

natasha quarmby

come on ladies and gents

Status Donkey

Jim E Riddle

Caught amidst a power struggle

Eastbound Service...

Behice Unal

The hectic lifestyle people have these days...

Go Green

Anna Galanou

Two girls enjoy each other's company after school in the blossomed park


Alison O'Riordan

I am in my bedroom, rain falling down, hitting against the window, it feels like heaven