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Magnificence of Nature

Farjana Begum

This shows people having fun and enjoying themselves, watching and feeding the birds.

Canary Wharf

Roz Lynch

No More the Big Sails in the Wharfs, Quays and Docks

Barmy park

Aniqa Akther

From church to synagogue to mosque

Trevor Hollingsbee

A French Huguenot church, evolved by migration to a synagogue, then a mosque

Kinder Street


This picture demonstrates the diversity of East London

Who are you?

Giacomo Vitali

Walking around eastend at night I saw these guys staring at those stunning black eyes.


Kara Watkins

I took this picture outside a house worth a tone of money, this was opp. Hence, diversity of E.Ldn.


Caroline Nocetti

Valentine's Day at Columbia Road Flower Market

Carole Evans

...and this young man was buying his missus peacock feathers. Smart, quirky, original; the East End


Dawn O'Connor


Richard Doran

Skateboarders stand at the ready as another gets prepared

A signpost

Halima Ali

Two different directions

Cafe 1001

Jenny Rampling

the end is nigh for richmond house

keh hui ng

this is a shot of the former flowers east building and artist studios.

go-east dancers

Valentina Abenavoli

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

lots of me


its chong

Bethnal Green Road

Tom Kulbowski

My East End's complexity - various aspects of everyday life.

Across the Water

Andy Wilkes

The thin divide between everyday life and the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Games site.

Old Street - January Sunset

Jamie Keddie

East End Sunset

Sunday Market

Duncan Stevens

Empty market stalls on a Sunday morning

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.


Emily shepherd

Skyline from my flat

Mile End Easter football club

Aedan Straughan & Owen McDonnell

Saturday in the Park

David Smith

First warm April day. Sunshine filtering through newly-budding trees. Taken with Olympus Trip 35


Cindy Babin

This image is my east London; this picture was taken in a corner in my bedroom. I really like the colours that are shown and the contrast between the two walls. And question why the chair and objects are there…

East End Dreams

George de Jasay

The woman, the child, the bird, and the street

The Oldest Surviving Grand Music Hall In The World

Jo Bennett

Another of the East End's Hidden Gems

The Gherkin, Sunday market on Cygnet St.

Kalev Erickson


Jyoti Sharma

Young East End swimmer at York Hall, Bethnal Green

Pretty Girl

Margaret Zeycan

We used to swap scraps when we were young. It was a popular thing at school. Some are gorgeous.

One Lane for All

Simon Browne

Music, Street Art, Religion & Culture, Poverty & Affluence – Brick lane is My East End.


Shurid Haque

Because Spitalfields City Farm is part of my East End life

Lynmouth Road

Rocco Sgro

Work in progress

Crisp box hearts

Hannah Edy

This cheerful display caught my eye as I walked past a shop on Well Street in Hackney

Sandy's Row Synagogue

Jeremy Freedman

The last remaining Synagogue in Spitalfields - founded by my Great Great Great Grandfather in 1854.



Joan Kelly

My nan moved from here in 1935. It's greatly changed since then.

My Hackney

Tracey de'pena

Pond Life

Gate Of Heaven

Ollie Harrop

Volunteers from the church hospice on Burdett road greet each other.

The Shadwell Overground

Ridwana Kamali

This is my nearby new station, due to open on April.