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Fajarna Khanom

Different facilities that are available in the East End

20 years on the Docks

Vince Felice

I worked on the locks at the docks for 20 yrs. I left in 1971. It was the best job I ever had.


Morris Dorfer

Rolleiflex Photography - Hand Made – 120 film (6 x6) Darkroom at ART HUB


Joe Bland

What is this hooded boys intentions? Murder? Robbery? Vandalism? That's what the media would have you think. Maybe, just maybe, he is waiting for his bus on a cold day.

Cotall Street

Gordon Joly

Urban renewal at the side of the Limehouse Cut.

Mile End Easter football club

Andrew Hernandez & Brandon Franco

Houses and Gasometer

Matthew Rowe

Houses and Gasometer

camilla broadbent

Drinking tea with friends is my best East End.

Canary Wharf

Jeanette Sharma

Canary Wharf

My East End

Nushrat Ahmed

Lots of shops and stalls of clothes, shoes, food, sweets

A walk in the park

cinthia oram

Nature in all its glory, Love it!


Beatriz Penedo Ruzo

This image for me represent interaction and integration between the communities of the eastend

Will's Day Out

Christina Head

Limehouse Basin to Bow Locks

Janet Nippard

Just yards from the bustle - a lock back in time

London Muslim Centre

Kelvin Hayes

For me, one of the defining characters of east London is its multiculturalism.

Gas Works

firouz najmi-tabrizi

tonal composition

The UEL Docklands Campus

Alex Cudby

Modern East London


Nick Board

Prospect of Whitby

Eastern Europeans is a New Stroke in a Diverse Palette of East End

Ekaterina Ustinovskaya

Brick Lane

Obinna Uzoukwu

This picture was taken in Brick Lane, East London. The open window represents the social openness of the East End; the relaxed and informal atmosphere. This image shows the café culture, where on a Sunday the mixed cultures come together to sell and buy on the infamous Brick lane market.

mayfield house laundry

george attard

repair reopen reuse

Memorial to Etem Celebi , shot on 16.11.07

Elzbieta Franklyn

From the series

Bobby Bubbles


The Emporium

Steffi Tzaferi

Sometimes a bit rough around the edges, there's an understated elegance about the east end.

Sandy's Row

Alan Carruthers

Sandy's Row

Working Nights

Bella Fenning

Pretty girls pulling pints to pull in the punters is commonplace but they often remain anonymous

Umbra Sumas

Alan Ball

Thames Tunnel, site of underwater fairs, subterranean shopping arcade, carnivals, banquets etc.

Roof with a View

Marysia Lachowicz

The changing world of the East End

Relaxing on the sunshine

Alan Correa

Man relaxing on the sun during the lunch time at Thames Path.

Clifton Thompson

I like this area; I like the warm East End girls. I’ve been living here for 20 years.

'in a world of her own'

Audrey Reinstein

'anywhere but here'

Mothers Of Rapture

Jeffrey Yaron Pandurski


Roger Parry

Police shutting down young people's music event

Kristian Sakulku

Some believe young people are useless, but they put on great events that bring many together

wheel without bike


Bicycle Market


If something represents East London is bikes,leading to the most popular second hand bikes market

Feel Free to Graffiti

Rifna Akthair

Graffiti Bus Stand

East End Wall

Yasmin Begum

War on East End wall

Balfon Tower

Maureen Delenian

I like the light and dark in this photograph; I took it just after dawn.

Spring reflections


At the beggining of spring, water from melted snow creats great reflecions during sunset.