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Graffiti in progress

Rafael Bilski

for me East End is a capitol of London (or British) graffiti ...


Maike Zimmermann

The night of the power cut in March 2010, every third building was without power, including mine.

Mile End Easter football club

Aedan Straughan & Owen McDonnell

Wonderful House

Chris Seddon

Millenium mills

David Richards

I managed to sneak under a fence to do midnight exploration


Veronica Lindsay-Addy

My East London is elegant but has grown shabby round the edges, like a well thumbed photo album.

‘a very talented teenager, yet to be discovered’

Mashudah Farzana

'If people saw the creative side to these teenagers, then there views may change’.

Cotall Street

Gordon Joly

Urban renewal at the side of the Limehouse Cut.

Christmas and a packet of crisps

John Matthews

No entry!

Nabila Bakar

The colours welcoming, the building is mysterious.

Upon the Secret Door

Gary Meynell

Hidden within the streets of historical Spitalfields lies a door.

Do we want to see any of this in East London? Lets make a change and work as a community and make a difference

Hamim Choudhury

Tea cup

Lillian Leonard

20 years on the Docks

Vince Felice

I worked on the locks at the docks for 20 yrs. I left in 1971. It was the best job I ever had.

Linessa Ollivierre-Wicks

I wanted to give a positive feel in my photos. For me the glass is half full.

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

Bobby Bubbles


CIty Radio Cars


To me east london means the preservation and ever changing state of architecture

Industrial Simplicity(/Terror Suspect)

Jules Mattsson

I was attracted to the symmetrical nature of this scene, but was almost arrested for taking it.

Traditional Lamp of with royal flash lighting

Maheswary Anantharajah

Royal flash flashing on the tower of London

Ilford 11.45

Hazel Durrant

By Shubona Begum aged 19 from Central Fdn Girls Sch for LL2020 Schools Photo Project

The Heron

Grant McCallum

Caravan and some tree's

Daisy Davidson

Taken on a traditional film camera, I liked the empty solemness of the light against the caravan

Kinder Street


This picture demonstrates the diversity of East London

Terrace Entity

Jim Weir

What you find in terraced gardens off the high st.

Mother Nature Bringing People Together

Ivy Myers

Celebrate our similarities and differences!


Dawn O'Connor

Hackney Road Orchid

Laura Adams

Regenerating Barking & Dagenham

Iris Donovan

Barking’s Learning Centre is the 3rd generation of the town’s library which I have seen in my lifeti

East End's Best Picture

Yusuf Saeed

Here is an old and a new building - this represents my East End

Sunday Market

Duncan Stevens

Empty market stalls on a Sunday morning

Ruth Grimberg

F*** the Olympics

Drew Flanagan

I wanted to explore where this dissatisfaction came from.

Coot and her chicks

Lauren Mayes

Lordship resevoir

Phil Clarke-Hill

Towers reflected in Lordship resevoir at dusk, Hackney.

My 'Eastend'

Rumana Begum

The East End 'was' a busy place

Devil or Angel


It represents the variety of characters, ideas, creativity, contrasts,etc that means for me EastEnd.

Aman's City Farm

Aman Uddin

This is me at my favourite place, Spitalfields City Farm, in the East End of London

The right to smile

Patrizia Gargiulo