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Relaxing on the sunshine

Alan Correa

Man relaxing on the sun during the lunch time at Thames Path.

Shop Front

Abigail Olajide

Most of the East end shops are newly built but this shop looked very old and it proved to me that this shop has definitely been in the East end for a very long time.

too beautiful to be moved

Natascha Sturny

the colors & the comical situation, first spring sun light after a hard winter - a joyful moment

I am one of you, now

Naa Teki Lebar

is part of a series exploring the body as a form of the city

Valentine's Day at Columbia Road Flower Market

Carole Evans

...and this young man was buying his missus peacock feathers. Smart, quirky, original; the East End

Police shutting down young people's music event

Kristian Sakulku

Some believe young people are useless, but they put on great events that bring many together

Mile End Easter football club

Aedan Straughan & Owen McDonnell

Beanie and the Whale

Abdul Qaium


Sarah Caldwell

Out: but I'd rather come in

Looking Good

Donna Pinto

Looking Good


Natalie Coughtrie

Mabley Street represents a piece of my life. I have many memories, good and bad, whilst growing up there. I wanted to capture how important this Street is to me in one shot.

East End Life in Reflections

Nooraini Mydin

Abstract Reflection of Buildings in Regent's Canal

Belfast Road street sale 2009

Amanda Whittle

In Contrast

Richard Gough

A women heads home from the local supermarket in Hackney East London. Her head is facing down, perha

Roman Road at Twighlight

Andrew wyatt

Roman Road in Twighlight

tilted building


tilted building


charlotte clothier

This was my first time in London, and it was full with noise and people.

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.

Hoxton is Buzzing!

Dean Green

Terrace Entity

Jim Weir

What you find in terraced gardens off the high st.

'in a world of her own'

Audrey Reinstein

'anywhere but here'

Cross Through the Window

Jenny Eames

I got this new flat. I saw the big cross on the school opposite. It was an answer to my prayers.

Limehouse Basin to Bow Locks

Janet Nippard

Just yards from the bustle - a lock back in time

Hanging Our Clothes

Habiba Khatun

Clothes on a washing line

the Busker down the Lane

Christopher Jarrett

2 people with 2 different lives. Thats what makes the Eastend unique


Emli Bendixen

The Photographer

Ermek Sultanov

photo taken on Brick Lane - two photographers shooting each other

walking home

Ginny Hawke

5 mins from my house I love walking home from asda

The Shadwell Overground

Ridwana Kamali

This is my nearby new station, due to open on April.

Do we want to see any of this in East London? Lets make a change and work as a community and make a difference

Hamim Choudhury

Reflections of a Docker

Keiko Yamazaki

The docker at day's end.

Coot and her chicks

Lauren Mayes


Susie Harrison

I thought it was a great combination of the flavour of Brick Lane: a city worker (or perhaps a jew, representing traces of the older community of the area), the street signs in English and Bengali, the modern architecture as the area becomes more developed


Kara Watkins

I took this picture outside a house worth a tone of money, this was opp. Hence, diversity of E.Ldn.

The Old Toy Factory

Alexander Moss

The long-abandoned Matchbox toy factory has been torn down to make way for flats.

The Gateway to My East End...

Marian Spiers

When I see this iconic landmark, I know I'm nearly home and feel back on familiar ground...

St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Alexander Williamson

The historic heart of Shoreditch

Chrisp Street

Gillian Vaux

Chrisp Street market was the first pedestrian shopping area in the UK


Carina Aldana-Johnson

Door to somewhere

hannah greene