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Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

Getting away from all the rest.

Rebecca Stacey

Decalcomania; Ghosts of Future Past

Marta Ovod


Shurid Haque

Because Spitalfields City Farm is part of my East End life

Bow Light

David Russell

joi bangla banned

ansar ahmed ullah

East London

victoria dawe

The roof tops of eat london

Sandy's Row Synagogue

Jeremy Freedman

The last remaining Synagogue in Spitalfields - founded by my Great Great Great Grandfather in 1854.


Joe Hassan

These images are on my wall, behind where I sit. I’ve always lived in the Poplar area.

old meets new

Leonardo Vitali

That chair is going to be taken from one of those three young boys one day

Dance Studio

Paula Lobo

Ballet dancer Temple Kemesis in New York.


Jumu Ahmed

is a memorial for people in the past; it shows there was conflict in my east end.

Tristan Appleby

No entry!

Nabila Bakar

The colours welcoming, the building is mysterious.

walking home

Ginny Hawke

5 mins from my house I love walking home from asda


kelly jones

The Renowned DJ who has regular slots at VIBE BAR,THE BIG CHILL & CARGO waiting for his salt beef

St Leonards Church, Shoreditch

Alexander Williamson

The historic heart of Shoreditch

Mentmore Terrace

Zaira Araguete

The Eastend means energy, activity and inspiring places full of possibilities.

Caravan and some tree's

Daisy Davidson

Taken on a traditional film camera, I liked the empty solemness of the light against the caravan

Old Street - January Sunset

Jamie Keddie

East End Sunset

Anything Goes

Natalie Clarke

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's CanalMan! The coolest way to get around the East End.

Life style

Victoria Kovalenko

Art, freedom and youth. It's all about east London.

Beanie and the Whale

Abdul Qaium


Carina Aldana-Johnson

Rolls Royce 2010

Dean McGrath

Look at me, Ive got a Roller!

Nabil Nawaz

A day at the market

Dan Quigan

Bright Lights Big City

michelle de vriues

A contrasting view of the East end regeneration

20 years on the Docks

Vince Felice

I worked on the locks at the docks for 20 yrs. I left in 1971. It was the best job I ever had.

The Corner of a Year

Soren Bonke

The first snow of the year. The first snow of Lenny's life. Exciting for us, a revolution for him

My East End

Nushrat Ahmed

Lots of shops and stalls of clothes, shoes, food, sweets




Shop Front

Abigail Olajide

Most of the East end shops are newly built but this shop looked very old and it proved to me that this shop has definitely been in the East end for a very long time.

Shadwell Bus Stop

Farhat Naureen & Farhana Akthar

A Crowded bus stop on a Tuesday morning


Henry Mackay-Bull

Hammering down

Inge Clemente

Another spontaneous and unexpected scene in Hackney...

Scott Arlain

The old modern times

Tamanna Ahmed

This picture shows old buildings and modern buildings and much they have changed through the years.


Nick Board

Prospect of Whitby

East Platinum


Manequin laced in Spitalfields