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Brick Lane blokes at the East End Film Festival

Tanja Schimpl

Brick Lane blokes at the East End Film Festival

the Busker down the Lane

Christopher Jarrett

2 people with 2 different lives. Thats what makes the Eastend unique

CIty Radio Cars


To me east london means the preservation and ever changing state of architecture


Veronica Lindsay-Addy

My East London is elegant but has grown shabby round the edges, like a well thumbed photo album.

Ruckholt Road

Angelica Robinson

I felt sadness and laughter when I strolled past this persons house in Ruckholt Road, Leyton




hoxton club

Eoin Whelan

girl with a camera

Omar F Okai

Canary Wharf

Roz Lynch

No More the Big Sails in the Wharfs, Quays and Docks

'Barmy' Park

Shahel Ahmed
Linessa Ollivierre-Wicks

I wanted to give a positive feel in my photos. For me the glass is half full.

Hackney Dip

mick terry

a february morning hangover cure

Bright Lights Big City

michelle de vriues

A contrasting view of the East end regeneration

Scattered Thoughts


I saw scattered paper on the road on my way back to college, Lucky I had my camera with me lol

East End Royal Bird

Dillon Gillen

property of Her Majesty the Queen since 1186, living in the East End

Old Eastender Asleep

Nick White

I pass this this old dude regularly and he's always asleep!

Where's the birdy?

Jacky McDonnell

Watching You, Watching them...

Bright shades of my east end

Roumina Begum

Bright colours painted on the wall reflecting on my east end

Lynmouth Road

Rocco Sgro

Work in progress

Stik Man

Catherine Osborn

20 years on the Docks

Vince Felice

I worked on the locks at the docks for 20 yrs. I left in 1971. It was the best job I ever had.


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

Past, Future

ana figueiredo

My Eastend is history to me.William Crooks,member Poplar Council 1901.His father lost arm in Docks.

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

The right to smile

Patrizia Gargiulo


Kate Hardy

from a day on the river

Shop Front

Abigail Olajide

Most of the East end shops are newly built but this shop looked very old and it proved to me that this shop has definitely been in the East end for a very long time.

A View Through The Tree's

Emma Triggs

The ever changing view of East London


Florian Santl

What has happened with uncle Bob? All these questions in our minds just evoke despair!

From the series: Unrelated House Mates

Henry Mulhall

3 people from 3 very different backgrounds, living together in the East.


Natalie Coughtrie

Mabley Street represents a piece of my life. I have many memories, good and bad, whilst growing up there. I wanted to capture how important this Street is to me in one shot.

Treading rooftops

Evie Jeffreys

There is a rooftop community in Shoreditch that shares a serenity, forgetting the noise below.

Summer at St Leonard's Church

Mahima Khatun

Taking a Break from Fast Haste - East End Life

Roman Road at Twighlight

Andrew wyatt

Roman Road in Twighlight


kirill kuletski



Sylvia Welsh

Brick Lane

Eva Bachmann

I love the surreal feel of this market - you'll find (almost) anything..

Saturday in the Park

David Smith

First warm April day. Sunshine filtering through newly-budding trees. Taken with Olympus Trip 35


Cat Catalyst

Wired for Construction

Sunday Market

Duncan Stevens

Empty market stalls on a Sunday morning