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The Black Photo

Zahra Mohamed

The Silhouewte


Shurid Haque

Because Spitalfields City Farm is part of my East End life

Hackney Road Orchid

Laura Adams

Mile End Easter football club

Sofian Mounissi & Idriss Chantouf


Joe Bland

What is this hooded boys intentions? Murder? Robbery? Vandalism? That's what the media would have you think. Maybe, just maybe, he is waiting for his bus on a cold day.

llamas in the city

Leon Russell

5 mins from my house I love walking to the farm

Pot Of Gold

Full Moon

Am sure there building the mothership?

A walk in the park

cinthia oram

Nature in all its glory, Love it!

My East End

Judith Burrows

before the storm

Blessing the sun

Olivia Harris

Hassidic jews blessing the sun at dawn in Clissold Park

Bethnal Green Road

Tom Kulbowski

My East End's complexity - various aspects of everyday life.

Rush hour

katya evdokimova

To me part of the East End is now what signifies a busy and hectic life.

Fashion Street E1

Djelal Ispanedi

Free expression

A view of my East End

Abida Khanom

A view of the urban city as it prepares to sleep..

Elroy & Nardo Bailey, MDMD Arts, Nightingale Estate, Hackney

Katherine Green

MDMD Arts, run by community workers Elroy & Nardo Bailey, creates opportunities for young people


Sarah Caldwell

Out: but I'd rather come in


richard king

Out and about

Ida Pap

People passing along in a hurry without observing each other. East End in the background.


charlotte clothier

This was my first time in London, and it was full with noise and people.

East Thames Vista on a Misty Day

Peter Kyte

The Greenwich foreshore is a palimpsest of London history with wonderful views across the Thames


alexander Omarsson

I am one of you, now

Naa Teki Lebar

is part of a series exploring the body as a form of the city

Mattress: Time Suspended / April 2010

Kate Kotcheff

I visited the estate a few times to record changes to the urban landscape; so this image reflects the transitory nature of the estate while awaiting demolition.


Sandra Rozee

My East End memory is of Sunday mornings when my brother and me would sit on the coal bunker.

mayfield house laundry

george attard

repair reopen reuse

Ketamine Kids

Dougie Wallace

The Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Title is my reference to the clouthes they ware.

The east-end country side

jordan clarke

A little bit of the country side in hackney

The old modern times

Tamanna Ahmed

This picture shows old buildings and modern buildings and much they have changed through the years.


Anna-Marya Tompa

carrying blue bags from the market in bright sunshine

Mile End Easter football club

Liban Mahamud & Sadiq Harwood

a small family


they are depending on the camel

One Lane for All

Simon Browne

Music, Street Art, Religion & Culture, Poverty & Affluence – Brick lane is My East End.

Life style

Victoria Kovalenko

Art, freedom and youth. It's all about east London.

A signpost

Halima Ali

Two different directions

joi bangla banned

ansar ahmed ullah

Mentmore Terrace

Zaira Araguete

The Eastend means energy, activity and inspiring places full of possibilities.

'Once upon a time in Hackney'

Laura Ghany

My east London is a place of magic; the perfect place for an urban fairytale.

Leyton Parish Church

Gillian Lawrence

Old Leyton

Magnificence of Nature

Farjana Begum

This shows people having fun and enjoying themselves, watching and feeding the birds.

Bright Lights Big City

michelle de vriues

A contrasting view of the East end regeneration