Gallery of submitted photos

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Mile End Easter football club

Fahad Miah & Ihsanur Rahman


Ellie Thompson

An atmospheric winters evening captured on 35mm


Wanda Hu

Bakers Dozen

Laurie Allen

Bakers Dozen

Dance Studio

Paula Lobo

Ballet dancer Temple Kemesis in New York.

Two Dogs

Harry Davis

Curtain Tree

Sadia Khan

A bare tree acting like a curtain opening the beautiful east London.


kirill kuletski



Alison O'Riordan

I am in my bedroom, rain falling down, hitting against the window, it feels like heaven

The right to smile

Patrizia Gargiulo


chris kane

Hackney Dip

mick terry

a february morning hangover cure

After Eggleston (Blind Beggar Pub)

Jyoti Sharma

A psychogeographic homage to Eggleston, The Krays, murder and enduring zones of trauma.

Mechanic, Bethnal Green

Gerald Amaefuna


Anna Krsikova

A butcher who made the grade.

Will's Day Out

Christina Head

the abundance

Deeqa Hassan

Plentiful, focused and fast


Beatriz Penedo Ruzo

This image for me represent interaction and integration between the communities of the eastend

Sandy's Row

Alan Carruthers

Sandy's Row

Simplicity, beauty and calmness

Maninder Pal Singh

This photograph depicts the beauty of the place in terms of water, hill and greenery

Graffiti Art and Cyclist

Iwan Roberts

Outdoor Art Gallery on the Canal

Brick Lane Winter Sunday

Julian Walker

Even on a winter Sunday, Brick Lane still draws the crowds.

Valentine's Day at Columbia Road Flower Market

Carole Evans

...and this young man was buying his missus peacock feathers. Smart, quirky, original; the East End


Sandra Rozee

My East End memory is of Sunday mornings when my brother and me would sit on the coal bunker.

Momentary Unification

Mark Paulding

This is a strong and positive image of the east-end's most famous multicultural street.

Anorld Circus

Anjuma Khatun

Under Construction

Mile End Easter football club

Quentin Monuille & Tyreke Monuille

Upon the Secret Door

Gary Meynell

Hidden within the streets of historical Spitalfields lies a door.

Balfon Tower

Maureen Delenian

I like the light and dark in this photograph; I took it just after dawn.

Gate Of Heaven

Ollie Harrop

Volunteers from the church hospice on Burdett road greet each other.

John Wright Cable St Elders

Sarah Ainslie

John the host at Cable St Elders Club


Rosie Ellis

My East End is observing and learning from different cultures. A level project/ New Britain


Trevor Attwood

There's always something interesting to see on the street in the East End.


Barry Gendler

I've lived near Columbia Rd. for 39 years. My daughter was 11 when we moved here, now she's 50.

Crisp box hearts

Hannah Edy

This cheerful display caught my eye as I walked past a shop on Well Street in Hackney

Meeting Point

Takeo Broadhurst

What is going on here?

Lynmouth Road

Rocco Sgro

Work in progress

Coot and her chicks

Lauren Mayes
Nabil Nawaz