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Bishopsgate Institute ran workshops with Morpeth School, Oaklands School and Mulberry School for Girls.

The groups explored how the East End has been represented in the past with photographs from the Library's collections, before going out and taking their own.

East End's Best Picture

Yusuf Saeed

Here is an old and a new building - this represents my East End


Fajarna Khanom

Different facilities that are available in the East End

The clocks ticking, what will you do?

Farjana Rahman

Outside store selling clocks and writing on a bus stop

Hanging Our Clothes

Habiba Khatun

Clothes on a washing line

’ Plain Truth’

Henna Begum

What can you see?

Sunshine showers

Humayra Yasmin

Contrast between the old and new

Old To New

Maleha Gill & Hanifa Uddi

Old To New

‘a very talented teenager, yet to be discovered’

Mashudah Farzana

'If people saw the creative side to these teenagers, then there views may change’.

Feel Free to Graffiti

Rifna Akthair

Graffiti Bus Stand

Bright shades of my east end

Roumina Begum

Bright colours painted on the wall reflecting on my east end

The Battle of Cable St

Sayema Ahmed

Tells us about the history of the east end

The Inner Town

Sayma Begum

People in the market, and with one of the material shops.

Trip This Way

Shuheda & Nazia Begum

Sign & St Georges Park

Market Style!

Sumaiya Khanom

Contemporary East End

Art of the Season

Thamanna Begum

Apartments and Offices surrounding Altab Ali Park

Cultured Market

Urmee Khatun

Workers and Customers Shopping.

East End Wall

Yasmin Begum

War on East End wall

Where people go to pray

Humayra & Tahmina

Where people go to pray.

Money don’t grow on trees-shoes do

Mazeeda Khatun

Tree with shoes hanging. Artistic and whacky vibe of Brick Lane radiates from it.

A view of my East End

Abida Khanom

A view of the urban city as it prepares to sleep..

Shadwell Bus Stop

Farhat Naureen & Farhana Akthar

A Crowded bus stop on a Tuesday morning

Magnificence of Nature

Farjana Begum

This shows people having fun and enjoying themselves, watching and feeding the birds.

East End Street

Halima Begum

This shows the new towering over the old. This is my eastend.

The East End on the move

Nazia Sultana

It sums up my east end everyday life. It has changed so much and it is now bigger and much better

My 'Eastend'

Rumana Begum

The East End 'was' a busy place


Aqsa Saleem Tayyab

Scary, Old, Historical, Memories, Story, Mysterious, Unexpected

Changing direction

Haleemah Akhtar

A one way road.

The Alleyway

Sabiha Azad

Contrast of modern and old in the East end

A signpost

Halima Ali

Two different directions


Jumu Ahmed

is a memorial for people in the past; it shows there was conflict in my east end.

No entry!

Nabila Bakar

The colours welcoming, the building is mysterious.

My East End

Nushrat Ahmed

Lots of shops and stalls of clothes, shoes, food, sweets

The road to East End

Aklima Begum

Landscape of the buildings

Kinder Street


This picture demonstrates the diversity of East London

Full of Ideas

Ronia Begum

Idea store on Whitechapel road

Beauty of Brick Lane

Nazmeen Akhtar

Cityscape from my balcony: The Truman Brewery; cool graffiti and scaffolding

The Shadwell Overground

Ridwana Kamali

This is my nearby new station, due to open on April.

Aman's City Farm

Aman Uddin

This is me at my favourite place, Spitalfields City Farm, in the East End of London

Spitalfields Farm's Chickens

Arman Shah

These hens look like twin sisters. They are sitting very nicely.


Shurid Haque

Because Spitalfields City Farm is part of my East End life

Two rabbits

Hubert Piasecki

I selected this image because it looks abstract and at first glance you can not make out the image.

Old and new reality.

Shahraz Islam

The connection between the old and new reality.

Curtain Tree

Sadia Khan

A bare tree acting like a curtain opening the beautiful east London.

Only the soul taker knows...

Tahir Uddin

Heaven above, Hell below what could lurk around the corner? Could it be a prison or a dungeon?

London looks fine

Abdi Shireh

awkward and creepy but London looks fine safe and nice that’s the reason it shines

Taste of London

Joynul Islam

I have a taste when I walk out of my door out into London; as I breathe through my nostrils, I smell the fresh air running down through my throat. London makes up my senses.


Louis Modell

From pads and bolts to keys and locks, from peep holes to security cameras. from saws and feet to picks and breach charges. This is London.

The Light And Dark

Megan Newman

The good and bad side of London, the light and dark the good and bad: today’s London.