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Cranbrook Estate Young People’s Group

Four Corners worked with seven young people aged 5-11 from the local Cranbrook Estate to produce a variety of photographs. They were given disposable film cameras and took a variety of photographs exploring their local area.

Two workshops were made possible with help from photographer Glenn Day and the Tower Hamlets’ Youth Offending Team.

This activity was generously supported by Ernest Cook Trust.

Beanie and the Whale

Abdul Qaium

Gap in the Fence

Bobby Miah

The Heron

Grant McCallum

Two Dogs

Harry Davis

The Canal

Jordan Arlain

Coot and her chicks

Lauren Mayes
Mitchell Davis
Scott Arlain

'Barmy' Park

Shahel Ahmed

Coot in a Nest

Sidonie Davis

Barmy park

Aniqa Akther