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The Geffrye and Bsix My East End project

The Geffrye Museum has been working in partnership with Bsix College in Hackney. Level three students from the Creative and Media Diploma course were commissioned to take two photographs on the theme of My East End.

The brief was to show a) an aspect of domestic life to reflect the Geffrye's core theme of 'Home' and b) one other interesting facet of East End life. Students critically analysed their work with the help of Geffrye staff and Robert Teed, a professional photographer.

The project took place over 10 sessions between January and March 2010 and will be assessed as Unit 5 of the CAM Diploma Course.


Phillipe Mattocks

Second hand chairs getting ready to dance on stage. The stage is falling into disrepair and the fireplace is ancient but it looks glamorous. Near the door is the finest furniture cleaner so they look dazzling.


Phillipe Mattocks 2

The finest vegan food this side of Hackney. The banana cake was lovely and the carrot cake moist, it’s more like a five star restaurant than an East End Squat with food for everyone.

Brick Lane

Obinna Uzoukwu

This picture was taken in Brick Lane, East London. The open window represents the social openness of the East End; the relaxed and informal atmosphere. This image shows the café culture, where on a Sunday the mixed cultures come together to sell and buy on the infamous Brick lane market.


Obinna Uzoukwu 2

This picture was taken in a Hackney home which used to be a GP surgery. This image says a lot about the people who live here. their hectic lifestyles, interested in culture, art and retro furniture.


Natalie Coughtrie

Mabley Street represents a piece of my life. I have many memories, good and bad, whilst growing up there. I wanted to capture how important this Street is to me in one shot.


Natalie Coughtrie 2

In the media the kitchen is frequently portrayed as perfect and large but your average east end kitchen is small and compact and certainly not perfect. Your average east end kitchen has evidence of life.


Joe Bland

What is this hooded boys intentions? Murder? Robbery? Vandalism? That's what the media would have you think. Maybe, just maybe, he is waiting for his bus on a cold day.


Felix Akpapunam

This picture describes My East End. I feel the market traders help to represent East London living because its renowned for its markets… Bethnal Green, Roman Road, and Columbia Road. These are well-known markets.


Felix Akpapunam 2

This picture was taken on Roman Road, this window caught my eyes because of the tackiness it depicts. From the outside, it looks like an abandoned and run-down flat but there are actually occupants.

Shop Front

Abigail Olajide

Most of the East end shops are newly built but this shop looked very old and it proved to me that this shop has definitely been in the East end for a very long time.


Abigail Olajide 2

Alcohol is quite a common type of drink in the East end because people love to drink it when they go raving. Example of a Main East end raving place is Stratford Rex and Club Nynteen.


Cindy Babin 2

This image was taken In a shop in Brick lane. This to me represents MY EAST END because East London is well known for there markets as you can find almost anything and everything that’s antique, old and quirky in the shops. This represents History as brick lane was developed in the 17th century and therefore plays a major part in the east London history one of the oldest markets there


Cindy Babin

This image is my east London; this picture was taken in a corner in my bedroom. I really like the colours that are shown and the contrast between the two walls. And question why the chair and objects are there…